Margaret Thatcher’s father – a paedophile?

Pride's Purge

(not satire)

A 15-year-old girl who used to work in a grocery shop owned by Margaret Thatcher’s father said that he had regularly molested her.

In 1997, the girl told a journalist from The Independent:

He was a bad one. He came round and put his arms around me, feeling my breasts. He used to put his tongue in my mouth. I got quite frightened. I didn’t like it and I’d push him away.

She also said Thatcher’s father used to regularly molest other teenage girls who worked in his shop:

He’d say nothing and go, but then he would come back again. He used to chase other girls round the counter.

Looks like abusing helpless people was a bit of a family trait in the Roberts family.


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Another Angry Voice on ‘How To Criticise the Tory Party’

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The angry Yorkshireman yesterday posted a long article arguing against the use of scatology and vicious revenge fantasies to express outrage at the Tory party. The article is written in response to some of the obscene and violent comments that greeted some of his posts about the Conservatives on the Angry One’s Facebook page. His opposition to that style of argument and criticism is based not only on personal distaste for obscenity and violence, even if merely that of a wish-fulfilment fantasy. It is also based on the observation that the Conservatives will and do use such language against the Left to show how vicious and evil their opponents really are. ‘Ohhh, look at how vile all this is. You really don’t want to be associated with such vile, incoherent sadists do you?’

The Angry One write: ‘There is something obscene and insipid about the Conservative party. It is a…

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Prof Malcolm Harrington ‘Did Not Trust ATOS’ | Same Difference

All that is wrong with the UK, and right.

Professor Malcolm Harrington, who carried out the first three independent reviews of the work capability assessment told the work and pensions committee last week that he ‘did not trust Atos’, that the DWP team set up to implement his recommendations was ‘disbanded’ and that the system was ‘wrong at every stage’. Professor Malcolm Harrington and…

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